Rules and Regulations

  • The library is primarily meant for the use of faculty, research scholars, students and non-teaching employees of the Central University of Karnataka, Kalaburagi. Library membership is provided on application by filling up the membership form available at the counteror Online from Central Library website.
  • The privilege of borrowing books from the library is restricted only to regular/permanent employees of the University. They must be present in-person and to produce valid ID card at the time of borrowing books.
  • Students, faculty and research scholars of other Universities/organizations are also permitted to use the library on written request; or on production of a letter from the concerned organization.
  • On special request, outsiders (scholars/scientists) are also allowed to use the library facilities for a short period to collect data to support their research activities on a written request by producing a letter from their institution or an ID card.
  • All members should return the books borrowed from the library before they proceed on a long period of leave and obtain a ' No Dues ' Certificate from the library. The Librarian reserves the right to allow more books to a member on special request depending on the need and urgency.
  • Photocopying of library books and journals may only be carried out within the Copyright regulations. Members can utilise the photocopying facility provided inside the Library on payment.
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